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2.4G Wireless multi-media central controller

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As a manufacturer located in China, Shenzhen, Soyo Technology offer 2.4G/5.8G RF digital wireless classroom audio system over 11 years: Solution 1: Wireless microphone + wireless speaker Solution 2: Wireless microphone + wireless amplifier
                                            2.4G wireless multi-media central controller

Individual Control Everything

Built-in 2-way Wireless Microphone Reception, Integrated High-power Amplifier
Adopts Wireless  Transmission Networking Interface  Networking  Wireless Control
Wireless Multi-Media Centre Controller 

·Internal circuit design with a long drive and an electrostatic protection
·Built in the control group 2* 30W amplifier output, high-fidelity voice 
  output can be directly connected with passive speakers
·A key switch off/on function, to protect projector bulb and extend the life 
·With ESD electrostatic protection, avoid damage to the internal components
·Built-in 4*2 VGA Switch Splitter with 250MHz long-term drive to support desktop computers,laptop computers,digital booth,player of the VGA signal input.
·2 way switch composite video input,2 composite video output,video channel bandwidth of 100MHz
·3 stereo inputs,2 stereo outputs
·Built-in stereo hi-fi volume control
·Support 2 way wireless microphone signal input
·Own projector protector,automatic power-off delay,to protect the life of the projector
·Built-in IR learning function,no need to configure professional learning device,more simple and reliable learning.
·2 channel infrared transmitter interface
·2 programmable RS-232 control interface
·-I/O control interface,allowed the system to open the door to open,close off the system.
·2-way VGA pull cord alarm detection,alarm signal output all the way.
·1 way switch control computer interface,computer controlled automatic switch
·Power control box built-in electric screen lift,2-way power control equipment.
·Control Panel,with a network interface*1,USB interface*2,notebook VGA port,audio interface,and dust cover.
·Support computer software in the control operation panel.
·Infrared codes can Import and export,232 yards,easy to save and batch installation.
·Luxury control panel,LED display,beautiful and durable out-looking design.
·Adopted dedicated external power supply,more stable and safe performance.
·Can be upgraded to a network control products.


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