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Mini Audio Guider Signal Transmitter

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Mini Audio Guider Signal Transmitter

Mini Audio Guide Signal Transmitter

  • Museums,Programme/Planning Museums,Science&Technology Museums,art gallery,Library,Tourist Attactions,Corporate Pavilions, Museum for University/School History, international exhibitor.
  • The introduction of product or publicity, service occasion
  • Visit the factory along with high noise pollution
  • Team explanation of tour scenery spot for tour group


Transmission Frequency 2400MHz-2483MHz
Transmission radius 0-20m(adjustable)
Transmisson power 0dBm-20dBm
Duration working period > 8 hours
Working time 2 years
Transmission angle 0-360º

As the singal control system in tour guide system,Navigation singal transmission card,with small size,light weight,adjustable radius singal and easy installation without complex contruction work and risk to destroy exhibits in exhibition area.