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SOYO The Third Generation Digital Wireless Tour Guide System

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2.4G Digital wireless transmission technology, without interference from the mobile phone ,Walkie-talkie, Wi-Fi.
MINI Audio guide system


◇ Museums, Programme/ Planning Museums, Science & Technology Museums, art gallery, Library, Tourist Attractions, Corporate Pavilions, Museum for University/School History, international exhibition
◇ Multilingual language wireless simultaneous translation, audio visual language teaching
◇ The introduction of product or publicity, service occasion
◇ Visit the factory along with high noise pollution
◇ Team tour guide for the explanation of Tourist Attractions


·2.4G Digital wireless transmission technology, without interference from the mobile phone ,Walkie-talkie, Wi-Fi.
· Transmission distance is up to 80 meters.
· The minimum size of design, it is easily for take , neck-hang and placed in pockets .easy to use.
· The shortest latency in the field (<0.5ms).
· The highest sampling ratios in the field : 64K@16bitx2, HDCD sound effect, acoustic effect.
· 3.5mm input supporting microphones and stereo line in, can recognize automatically and switch automatically.
· Mute when the signal Weak or no signal.
· Power by l Lithium rechargeable Battery with USB connect cable for charge .
· Noise elimination circuit switching on power switch, which could eliminate the noise of power on/off.
· Low power consumption for a wide range of input voltage supporting. The receiver will standby when no signals, And the standby current is less than  0.5mA. (Decided when ordering)
· Digital transmission ,supporting fixed ID working mode, point to point and point to multi point,
  a. Automatic scan channels function to avoid interference easily. Capable of being simultaneously used within 200 square meters by at least 20 teams. According to customer’s requirements, the system could be customized on special application A, Manually channels or automatically can be customized.
  b.  1 MW-100 MW of power can be customized.
  c.  Charge box and Charge box with disinfection for you choose ,Each box can charge 30pcs machine simultaneously. Health and Safety.
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